Saturday, April 24, 2010

Coffee Infused With Antioxidants

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Do you enjoy coffee? Do you enjoy freshly roasted brewed coffee? Here's a better alternative to an existing product. Brew your first cup of the day with additional Antioxidants added to it without changing the flavor of your freshly brewed cup of coffee.
Most people are aware of the advantages of foods with high levels of antioxidants. Are you aware that coffee naturally has a high level of antioxidants in it? Well, there is a company who has made coffee even better for you. The company has infused Acai & Goji Berries which are extremely naturally high in antioxidants in their coffee to add an extra punch to it without changing the flavor of your freshly roasted brewed cup of coffee. Infusing the two berries are logical additions to your everyday cup of Joe.
I would assume if your still reading you are someone who enjoys freshly brewed coffee AND interested learning more about the company who has created such a wonderful product. The name of the coffee is "Journey" and the companies name is "MyInLife". MyinLife creates better alternatives to already existing products.
I put together this Hub for people who truly enjoy drinking coffee as I do. I hope you enjoy the product and look forward to your comments.
Enjoy everyone.

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